Vintage "Aluminum Lady" Trailers

The "thriller" trailers are two movie-preview videos  based on the flight attendant management at American Airlines headed up by "The Aluminum Lady" who has a thirst for the blood, sweat and tears of her front-line employees and will do anything to attempt to quench it.

Aluminum Lady I  

It's Bankruptcy Time!

The Aluminum Lady is challenged with slashing the pay and benefits of her flight attendant workforce without them catching on. But she's being told she needs to soften her look and work on her delivery in order to drop the bomb and seal the deal. 

Aluminum Lady II

We've got a troublemaker on board

Pushback from flight attendants, who've grown tired of working for less as executives shower themselves with cash, is causing the Aluminum Lady to lose sleep. She decides it's time to turn up the volume on the fear and intimidation that's always worked so well for her in the past.