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Although satirical humor is used liberally on this site, we are very serious about pushing back against corporate greed.

The Aluminum Lady and colluding airline executives discuss how to block regulations that would provide more rest to flight attendants. Execs from Delta, United, Virgin America and more are featured in these clips from private conference call parody.

Aluminum Lady’s Latest Messages TO Workers

The new attendance policy for flight attendants at American has created quite a stir and Aluminum Lady is on the scene to answer questions from agitated front line employees. The APFA has filed an EEOC complaint claiming sexual discrimination and the Aluminum Lady must do some damage control.

Meet management suck-up Bobbie Sue Reynolds! Plus, in her new position as Director of People, the Aluminum Lady addresses lawsuits that have been filed by employees who claim they've been discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, weight and more.

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