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"Aluminum" Web Series


Inspired by Meryl Streep's portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in "Iron Lady", "The Aluminum Lady" stars as the Minister of Flight Attendants for American Airlines, ruling over their 17,000 flight attendants. She's ruthless and won't stop until she's chased away every long-term American Airlines employee on the property.
In this episode, The Aluminum Lady speaks to Bain about how to get rid of some flight attendants while making it appear that she's introducing an innovative new product at American Airlines. Later, her insecurities get the most of her as she's left in the American Airlines London townhouse alone in the tub.
Intent on ridding the airline of as many workers as possible, The Aluminum Lady unveils a plan to bring penguin workers onto the property.

Aluminum Episode 4: The penguins tAAke flight from Aluminum.

The Aluminum Lady has found a way to do away with all of her current American Airlines employees and replace them with a new workforce that not only will pay their own relocation expenses from Antarctica to the North Pole, but they even multiply in order to satisfy the recruitment needs of AA’s human resources department.